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    We're happy to officially announce that our Debut Album "Connect" has been released through the label Kabak&Lin!
    For a quick listen and a download click HERE.

    Germany, Feb. 2017

    Infos and dates about concerts and workshops in Germany in February 2017 can be found under "Dates"!

    Martin Seiler & Vladan Mijatovic at ZINC Bar

    I'm excited to announce the debut concert of a project that has been in the making for a year now. It's a duo set with Vladan Mijatovic, all original music of mine, specifically written for him and me!
    May 20th, 7.00pm at ZINC Bar, NYC
    Don't miss out on that exclusive show in NYC before we go into the studio to record that music! Facebook event HERE

    Recording Session with Joe Benjamin - January 2016

    Last week we went upstate to the legendary Dreamland Studios for a 3 day recording session. Keep your eyes peeled for Joe Benjamin's next album!
    It's been a huge pleasure working as an arranger, producer, and saxophonist with Joe, Ariel Shafir, the tremendous musicians and the Dreamland staff!

    Announcing - Weekly Music Series at NUBLU
    Martin is playing a weekly residency at the famous jazz club with "Jammed",
    check HERE for details!

    Here's a (fake) commercial for the important things in life

    done during a session break from shooting a music video with Eldad Eitan


    EOTE - Record PreRelease

    I've been featured on the latest Eyes On The Elbows track, "13". Tenor Sax and Kaoss Pad! Check it out, CLICK HERE

    TV portrait about Martin

    Matthias Fischer and Uli Habersetzer shot a tv portrait about Martin Seiler, as a documentary on life and music in New York. Click HIER

    Here's a feature interview with the SZ about my music from September 2013

    Downbeat Magazine Award

    For our recent duo recording Gadi Stern and I received the Downbeat Magazine Award for best eng. recording! Thanks Alejandro Yllaramedi for the excellent studio work, and than you Downbeat Magazine for the award!

    Videoshoot - Brooklyn

    Elad Gellert and I are featured in this Brooklyn viedo shoot for the music series "Jamming in your Living Room" enjoy!

    For the Video, klick HERE

    Mobtown Recording online!

    Here's a great recording session I did with Les Rhinoceros at Mobtown Studios in Baldtimore this summer. CLICK here and Enjoy!

    Podcast of the radio interview

    The recent radio interview with me is available as a podcast - just click  HERE, and then select the "August 2nd - Tomorrow is the Question". Enjoy

    CD Review

    "(...)Martin Seiler, who is featured on his own composition “I Wish You All the Luck in the World,” is as gifted as any young tenor saxophonist in Germany or anywhere else."

    "All About Jazz" published a great Cd review of the album "Wie heisst der typ" - click here -


    thanks for the great Interview/Article, Liam Budge!

    Concert Review

    Here is a great concert review of a show with Les Rhinocéros! Enjoy

    Here's a recording I did 2 weeks ago in NYC. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

    My music is now available on iTunes. The album “Asymmetry” can be downloaded, the whole record or single tracks.
    Go get it, internet people!

    Martin Seiler – Asymmetry

    I want to thank all the beautiful musicians and good friends that enabled the recent tour of the Martin Seiler Quartet. Some great concerts and a lot of fun due to Mike Pratt, Lydia Schiller, Flo Leuschner, Severin Krieger and Silvan Strauss. Thank You.

    Here’s a live recording of my Quartet playing one of my tunes live at Miles’ Cafe, NYC. Enjoy

    The Martin Seiler Quartet, an all original music group, consisting of two woodwind players, badass bass and death drums, is gonna strike tonight (April 21st) at Miles’ Café, NYC. Start 9:30 pm, two sets till 12:00.

    Come out and witness this event.

    The debut “asymmetry” with Martin Seiler (Saxes), Sebastian Gieck (Bass), André Schwager (Keys), Bernd Huber (Guitar) and Manfred Midenberger (Drums) has now been officially released!

    You can order it online via our “contact” chapter!

    The CD contains 9 tracks, composed solely by Martin Seiler, arranged together with all contributing musicians.


    jazz saxophonist martin  seiler, born in 1985, is currently living and working in new york city.

    the  german rooted musician started his experiences with music at an  early age. classical piano lessons from first grade on are a continuous activity kept up until the present day, and as a performer and recording artist, martin seiler plays the saxophone (tenor, soprano, alto & baritone), flute, clarinet, piccolo flute, bass clarinet, akai ewi, piano, shalm, bombard and wooden flute.

    his current ensembles, the „asymmetry quartet“ and the „martin seiler new york quartet“ utilize a repertoire almost exclusively put together with martin’s original compositions and arrangements.

    martin seiler has also composed and arranged for jazz big band, several jazz ensembles from duo to octet, string quartet, solo piano, solo saxophone and vocal ensemble.

    When he is not working on his own projects martin seiler works as a sideman in a variety of gernes and styles. Inter alia he has recorded with schein, the asymmetry quartet, matthias schriefl, the landesjugendjazzorchester bayern, ennuible, s.l.a.p., tonsport, philipp scholz and the hcg big band.

    live performances and other works include harald rüschenbaum, claudio roditi, gregor bürger, don menza, michael rood, adam gardner, lucas dedmon, matthias schriefl, mike pratt, sarah elizabeth charles, jane ira bloom and steve letreu.

    in 2007 martin seiler received the „young artists award“ for his work as saxophonist, composer and bandleader


    Latest dates with Martin Seiler.

    For enquiry and booking please use the column "contact".

    Feb 18th/19th: Concert and Workshops in Landshut, Germany

    On Febraury 18th and 19th 2017, Martin Seiler will perform in his hometown Landshut and teach workshops the following day. Invited to the workshops are saxophonists of all levels as well as any other interested instrumentalists and jazz combos.

    more infos can be found HERE

    Feb 13th, 9.00pm, Munich: Martin Seiler - Das Ende der Welt

    The JazzRausch Bigband is premiering "Das Ende der Welt", a night's worth of BigBand music written by Martin Seiler. It'll also feature Martin as a soloist.
    Live at Jazzclub Unterfahrt in Munich, Feb 13th at 9.00pm

    Find the event page HERE

    PSYCHAUDIO dates - Nublu, February 2016

    Psychaudio is back in the new year with our Nublu Residency!
    Martin Seiler - Sax&Electronics
    Caleb McMahon - Trumpet&Electronics
    Omercan Sakar - Drums&Electronics
    Vladan - Keys
    Eva Lawitts - Bass

    Feb. 4th,  11.00 pm
    Feb. 16th, 11.00pm
    Feb. 23rd, 11.00pm


    GERMANY DATES Fall 2015

    This September/October 2015 brings a bunch of great concerts in Germany

    September 15th, 2015
    Paul Brändle Quartet w/ Martin Seiler
    Fiedler&Fuchs, München, 8.00pm
    click here!

    September 16th, 2015
    Paul Brändle Quartet w/ Martin Seiler
    Le Pirate, Rosenheim, 9.00pm
    click here!

    September 17th, 2015
    Paul Brändle Quartet w/ Martin Seiler
    Patolli, München, 8.00
    click here!

    September 18th, 2015
    Paul Brändle Quartet w/ Martin Seiler
    Neruda, Augsburg, 9.00
    click here!

    September 27th, 2015
    Martin Seiler Quartet - Jazz Brunch
    Memmer's Wein Bar, Landshut, 11.00am
    click here!

    October 1st 2015
    JazzRausch BigBand w/ Martin Seiler
    Cord Club, München, 9.00pm
    click here!

    April/Mai 2015 - Germany Tours

    In April und May 2015 you can catch Martin at some shows in Germany:

    April 15th 2015
    Shalosh w/ Martin Seiler
    Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, 8.00 pm
    click here!

    April 16th 2015
    Shalosh w/ Martin Seiler
    Rausch & Töchter, Munich, 9.00 pm

    click here!

    April 23rd-26th 2015
    Shalosh w/ Martin Seiler
    JazzAhead Festival, Bremen
    click here!

    April 28th 2015

    Shalosh w/ Martin Seiler
    BMW München

    May 7th 2015
    Martin Seiler w/ Joe Benjamin
    Jazzclub Unterfahrt, München – 9.00 pm

    click here!

    May 8th 2015
    Martin Seiler w/ Joe Benjamin
    Haberkasten, Mühldorf – 8.00 pm
    click here!

    May 9th 2015

    Martin Seiler w/ Joe Benjamin
    Uferlos Festival, Freising – 7.00 pm

    click here!

    May 9th 2015
    Martin Seiler w/ Joe Benjamin
    Rizz, Rosenheim – 11.00 pm
    click here!

    May 10th 2015
    Martin Seiler w/ Joe Benjamin
    Cafe Museum, Passau – 8.00 pm
    click here!

    come through!

    August 2014 - tour w/ Paul Brändle Trio

    The first two weeks of August 2014 Martin Seiler is featured as a guest with the Paul Brändle Trio. Due to ticket sales going fast, additional concert dates may be added, so stay tuned!

    August  8th, 9.00 pm - Mr B's, Munich
    August 10th, 8.30 pm - Le Pirate, Rosenheim
    August 13th, 9.00 pm - Smoove Bar, Kempten
    August 14th, 9.00 pm - Neruda Kulturcafé, Regensburg

    Friday, March 29th 2013 APUTUMPU Music Festival, NYC

    APUTUMPU Music Festival
    is featuring Martin with  "Osekre & the lucky bastards" twice that night,
    at "Public Assembly", Brooklyn (10.20 pm),
    and live at "Joe's Pub", NYC (11.30 pm)

    Sat March 22nd 2013 TURF - live at the Caverock Room (Brooklyn)

    TURF gig, Caverock room, Brooklyn

    Lucas Dedmon - Bass & Composition
    Martin Seiler - Saxophone
    Dean Buck - Saxophone
    Ian Christensen - Saxophone
    Cameron Kapoor - Guitar
    Adam Gardner - Drums

    Doors at 8, Show at 9

    Facebook Event

    Sat, March 2nd 2013 Meet the Monster

    Meet the Monster is playing as part of the Hoover Dam Collective Funk Festival "Loft in Space"

    Martin Seiler - Tenor Sax, Effects, Arrangement
    Néha Sha - Vocals
    Darren Denman - Keys
    Owen Dudley - Guitar
    Ben Murphy - Bass
    Alex Kirkpatrick - Drums

    The Loft, 141 S 5th Street, Brooklyn
    Doors at 9.00 pm, Meet the Monster at 10.30 pm

    Jan 17th 2013 w/ Osekre and the Lucky Bastards

    I will join Osekre and the Lucky Bastards at their gig at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn as part of the amazing bill put together by the "Aputumpu Presents" series!
    Doors at 7.00 pm, show starts at 8.00 pm

    for more info, CLICK HERE

    Jan 15th, 2013 Martin Seiler / Gadi Stern Duo

    On January 15th,  Martin Seiler und Gadi Stern are playing a duo concert at Cafe Vivaldi, Manhattan.
    Compositions and arrangements, especially tailored for the two exeptional musicians and good friends, will be played.

    Cafe Vivaldi,
    32 Jones Street  New York
    9.30 pm

    click HERE for the website

    Jan 11th 2013 Cheick Hamala Band feat Martin Seiler

    Cheick Hamala's group is playing the renowed 92Y in Tribeca, Manhattan. The Bandleader's compositions as well as traditional African folk songs can be heard. Feat Martin Seiler, Tenor Sax.

    92 Y, Tribeca
    200 Hudson Street, Manhattan, New York
    8.00 pm

    click here for the 92Y website

    Traktorattacke - live in Hamburg

    Saturday Oct 13th 2012 Traktorattacke is playing live at Bar Italia in Hamburg, 9.00 pm.
    >find more info about the location here

    Traktorattacke - live in Berlin

    Friday Oct 12th 2012 we play at "Ernst" in Berlin, Sprengelstraße 15, 9.00 pm
    Martin Seiler (Tenor Sax & Compositions)
    Florian Leuschner (Bari Sax)
    Lorenz Heigenhuber (Bass)
    Silvan Strauss (Drums)

    July 10th 2012

    Washington DC @ The Black Cat, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    July 1st 2012

    Brooklyn, NY @ Littlefield, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 27th 2012

    Baltimore, MD @ SECRET SHOW (LIVE RECORDING), w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 26th 2012

    Charlottesville, VA @ TEA BAZAAR, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 25th 2012

    Chapel Hill, NC @ NIGHTLIGHT, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 23rd 2012

    Asheville, NC @ BOBO GALLERY, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 22nd 2012

    Nashville, TN @ NOA NOA HOUSE, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 21st 2012

    Bloomington, IN @ RACHAEL'S CAFE, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 20th 2012

    Chicago, IL @ TOWNSHIP, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 19th 2012

    Detroit, MI @ HYBRID MOMENTS LOFT, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 18th 2012

    Toronto, ON @ THE TRANZAC, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 17th 2012

    SUONI PER IL POPOLO FESTIVAL ~ Montreal, Q, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 16th 2012

    Burlington, VT @ MONKEY HOUSE, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 15th 2012

    Western Mass. (Hadley) @ FLYING OBJECT, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 14th 2012

    Providence, RI @ BUILDING 16, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 13th 2012

    Cambridge, MA @ LILYPAD, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 12th 2012

    New Haven, CT @ CAFE NINE, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 11th 2012

    New York, NY @ CAKE SHOP, w/ Les Rhinocéros

    June 10th 2012

    New Brunswick, NJ @ HOUSE SHOW! w/ Les Rhinocéros

    September 2nd 2011

    the Martin Seiler Quartet live at Miles' Café, NYC
    that evening, Martins quartet will hit at Miles’ Café, 212 East 52nd Street, New York
    featuring Martin Seiler (saxes and flute), Chad Lefkowitz Brown (saxes and clarinet), Lucas Dedmon (bass) and Chris Davidson (drums)
    First set will start around 10.00 pm

    August 5th 2011

    the Martin Seiler Quartet – A Standards Night – live at Miles' Café, NYC
    this evening will be dedicated to the most beautiful and thriving standards in jazz, and I’m happy to perform with an exeptional quartet: Lucas Dedmon (bass), Chris Davidson (drums), Sara McDonald (voice) and Martin Seiler (Tenor Sax and Flute).
    showtime 7.00pm – 8.30pm

    August 4th 2011

    Martin Seiler w/ the Alejandro Berti Quartet
    live at Washington Square Park, NYC
    5.30pm – 7.30pm
    Entrance Free

    July 10th 2011 – 11.00 Uhr

    LJJB – Big Band featuring the music and artistry of Martin Seiler
    On July 10th, the final day of this years Regensburg Jazz Festival will see a special concert. The LJJB Big Band will exclusively play Martin Seilers compositions and arrangements, as well as feature Martin as a soloist on flute and tenor saxophone.

    22. – 29. November 2010

    Canada Tour w/ Mike Pratt Quintet
    7 Tage Tour durch Ontario/Kanada als Gastsolist mit dem Mike Pratt Quartet featuring Mike Pratt (bass), Ricardo Grilli (guitar), Lorenzo Castelli (drums), Martin Seiler (Tenor Sax / Flute)
    Recent dates:
    °Friday night 8pm Mike Pratt Quartet feat. Martin Seiler and Ricardo Grilli @ Cafe Creperie, Elora

    April 21st 2010 – 9.30 pm

    On April 21st, the Martin Seiler Quartet (Martin Seiler – Saxes and Flute, Mike Pratt – Bass, Matt Kennon – Tenor Sax and Clarinet, Chris Davidson – Drums) will be playing a gig at Miles’ Cafe, NYC

    May 2nd 2010 – 10.30 pm

    On May 2nd, the Martin Seiler Quartet (Martin Seiler – Saxes and Flute, Mike Pratt – Bass, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown – Tenor Sax and Clarinet, Chris Davidson – Drums) will be playing a gig at Fat Cat, NYC

    May 6th 2010 – 9.30 pm

    On May 6th, the Martin Seiler Quartet (Martin Seiler – Saxes and Flute, Mike Pratt – Bass, Matt Kennon – Tenor Sax and Clarinet, Chris Davidson – Drums) will be playing a gig at Recoup Lounge, NYC

    May 11th 2010 – 7 pm

    On May 11th, the Martin Seiler Quartet (Martin Seiler – Saxes and Flute, Mike Pratt – Bass, Chad Lefkowitz-Brown – Tenor Sax and Clarinet, Chris Davidson – Drums) will be playing a gig at Shrine, NYC

    8. Juni 2010 – 21.00 Uhr

    asymmetry-tour, Martin Seiler New York Quartet
    Am 8. Juni spielt das Martin Seiler New York Quartet (Martin Seiler – Saxes, Mike Pratt – Bass, André Schwager – Keys and Guitar, Silvan Strauss – Drums) In Landshut im Wintergarten im Rahmen der Jazzfreunde Landshut eV.

    10. Juni 2010 – 21.00 Uhr

    asymmetry-tour, Martin Seiler New York Quartet
    Am 10. Juni spielt das Martin Seiler New York Quartet (Martin Seiler – Saxes, Mike Pratt – Bass, André Schwager – Keys and Guitar, Silvan Strauss – Drums) ein Konzert im “Raven” in Straubing.


    "asymmetrie" (2010)
    Martin Seiler

    music composed and arranged by martin robert erich seiler, recorded by manfred mildenberger, mixed and mastered by bernhard frank at ostwerk studio, cover and booklet design by artcore kommunikationsdesign

    "Wie heisst der Typ" (2011)
    Landes-Jugendjazzorchester Bayern

    ist das Ergebnis unserer orchestereigenen jazzpädagogischen Vision: mit den Formationen des Landes-Jugendjazzorchesters Bayern und den Fördermaßnahmen "Jugend jazzt"



    Martin Seiler

    223 53rd St, 3rd Fl
    Brooklyn, NY-11220

    Please use the following link in order to send
    your message to Martin Seiler...

    use the contact form


    Martin Seiler

    102 Albemarle rd, Apt C2
    Brooklyn, NY-11218

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  2. Feb 13th, 2017
    Das Ende der Welt: JRBB w/ Martin Seiler
    Unterfahrt, Munich, 9.00pm
    click here!

    Feb 18th/19th 2017
    Concert and Jazz Workshops
    Musikschule, Landshut
    click here!
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