Martin Seiler

Jazz Saxophonist (*1985 in Landshut) living in Munich, roots of choice New York City, second residence on the road.
Working as soloist and bandleader in his quintet, as well as sideman in many different formations.
Concerts in Europe, North America, and Asia, Collaborations with both jazz legends as well as completely unknown and wonderful musicians.

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Early on he discovered his love for music, in early kids music courses and piano lessons as well as anarchic early works utilizing a random assortment of pots and pans. Born in Landshut, Martin played the Saxophon in local BigBands, the Hans-Carossa-Gymnasium High School Band, and participated successfully in national music contests such as Jugend Musiziert und Jugend Gestaltet Freizeit. During those school years, he also started his first jazz combo with friends.
As long as it's Jazz, as long as it's fun, and as long as it's loud.

For his studies at Richard Strauss Conservatory, Martin moved to Munich in 2005. During the next 4 years he quickly established a solid career as Bandleader, Sideman, and Composer. Among many concerts as leader and sideman, Martin played countless concerts and festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with the successful funkband SCHEIN.
During that time, Martin also released his first album as a bandleader, "Asymmetry". Honors like the Young Artists Award 2006 presented by the Rotary Club and graduating Richard Strauss Conservatory with the best possible grade in Jazz Saxophone confirmed, that Martin Seiler was on the right track. And following a gut feeling, this track should soon him to New York City.
As long as it's fun, sometimes loud and sometimes softer, and also not exclusively Jazz.

To continue his studies at the New School of Jazz and Contemporary Arts in Manhattan, Martin moved to New York City in 2010. There he studied with Jazz-Legenden such as John Coltranes Bassist Reggie Workman, world-famous guitarist Pat Metheny, arguably one of the most progressive saxophonists of our time Donny McCaslin, the experimental composer Kirk Nurock, and many others.
But Martin learned just as much, if not more, from all the musical colleagues, concerts, projects, and profound friendships that arose during this time. International projects such as "Psychaudio" with Omercan Sakar, Caleb McMahon, Eva Lawitts, and Vladan Mijatovic, as well as a deep friendship with Gadi Stern and collaborations with his globally successful trio Shalosh developed.
Until 2020 Martin Seiler mainly lived in Brooklyn, and played countless concerts and studio recordings with famous and unknown, at times bizarre and often unexpected companions.
For more details and anecdotes feel free to inquire via the contact section, and Martin will be happy to supply amusing and informative content.
A fantastic and unique time without a doubt, those 10 years have shaped Martin Seiler's music -and his understanding of it- in ways that he himself had never thought possible.
As long as it's passionate, as long as it's music, and almost everything is Jazz because Jazz is almost everything.

Today Martin Seiler found his home again in Munich, and he's feeling quite comfortable there.
Regularly he travels for concerts and recording sessions to New York or to Israel, Japan or Rosenheim, but he always enjoys returning home as well. Here Martin founded his quintet with Rene Haderer, Paul Brändle, Daniel Scheffels, and Gadi Stern (who needs to be flown in most times) for which he mainly enjoys composing these days. Commissioned works, arrangements, and quick recordings are done from here, and quite objectively the food here is better than in New York. The formerly living proof is called Leberkassemmel, and you have to try it.
Over the years a lot has changed in the way Martin makes and understands his music, as it probably should be, but a lot has stayed the same as it was from the get-go.
As long as it's good, as long as it's fun, and as long as it's love.
And most of the time it's Jazz.